Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why I don't Care About Miley Cyrus

In a word: redux.

There are only so many times you can watch poorly rehearsed, choreographed works and get all lathered up about them. By now we should recognize that this type of "performance" is a 21st century technique. Ragged edges, ridiculous juxtapositions, racially erratic/erotic signals deployed by a media brand that should "know better" is not about ignorance or even malevolence. It's about dollars and attention theft.

Stop leaving your attention gate open.

Go make some wonderful. Get your publicist, or get your friends together and retain a publicist TOGETHER. Take some courses on SkillShare or MightyBell on crafting a marketing plan then use it.  Get your mailing list together and set aside some duckets for Facebook ads or fourwalling a theATER. Run a crowdfunding campaign. There is a boutique market for everyone. And yes, it is a shame that huge swaths of the United States are populated by people who do not live near any person of African descent, but that is not true of MOST of the rest of the world. Besides, would that actually make much of a difference?

So before you loose your mind up in here about perpetuating this that and the other, redirect your energy and go make some good shit. Bomb the internet with awesomeness. Get your page views up and the momentum will shift in your direction. That's what these ladies are doin.

Big Freedia (in red), the Queen of Bounce and Maestra of Twerk

Until then, stop worrying about Miley n'em. They are doin' what they do. You do you.

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